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Séminaire Geops, Jeudi 12 Mars, Alexei Desyatkin

Central Yakutia is the most populated region of Yakutia. This territory is characterized by typical taiga-alas landscapes. Bosikov estimated the presence of approximately 16,000 thermokarst depressions, also known as "Alas", located in Central Yakutia lowland within the boreal forest region with a total area of 440,000 ha, and it covers up to 17 % of the total land area of Central Yakutia. Grasslands are widely distributed on these formations replacing boreal forests during the Alas development period. These grasslands are the basis for the indigenous community farming. Thermokarst ecosystems are extremely sensitive to climatic factors change, primarily hydrological because alases are closed systems. It is occurs resizing of lakes and grasslands, which directly affects the soils hydrothermal properties within alases. This in turn affects the emission of greenhouse gases and of the whole carbon cycle within the thermokarst depressions. An important factor in carbon cycle of alases is the anthropogenic influence as hay making inside of alas and forest disturbance on interalas territories. Thus, anthropogenic impact, in additional to the natural one, also brings pressure on these sensitive permafrost ecosystems.


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