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Séminaire GEOPS, Jeudi 18 Janvier 2018, Emmanuel Léger

In this study, a novel method was used for near surface arctic tundra thermal characterization. Vertically-resolved thermistor probes were used in parallel with Electrical Resistivity
Tomography, classical point scale measurement and UAV-based low-altitude aerial optical imaging, to highlight the presence or absence of permafrost in the Teller watershed, in
the Seward peninsula, near Nome, AK. The thermal measurements were made along transect, with a distributed network sensor philosophy which brings the name of Distributed
Network Thermal Profiler. These distributed measurements, removed the ambiguity on whether the resistive bodies were rocks or ice and allowed to reduce the uncertainty on
shallow surface ice distribution and ultimately better understand the evolution of the arctic tundra near surface thermal distribution and geomorphology. Correlation between Green
Chromatic Coordinates, vegetation type, temperature and electrical resistivity were found.This new method paves the way to a better arctic tundra above and below ground pro-
cesses characterization.



  • Jeudi 18 janvier 13:00 - Emmanuel Léger - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Séminaire GEOPS, Emmanuel Léger

    Résumé : Arctic near surface Thermal tomography characterization coupled with Electrical Resistivity Tomography

    Lieu : 2eme étage, bâtiment 504 - Orsay

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