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Workshop Environmental impacts of mining and smelting - 8-9 janvier 2015, Orsay

This workshop aims at reviewing both the conceptual and analytical headways allowing quantifying the mobility and the bioavailability of metals in ecosystems impacted by mining and/or smelting, past or current, activity. One of the major challenge/issues lies in the quantification of trace and ultra-trace elements in complex systems, in solution or solids, and of the analysis of their speciation, in order to estimate the impact of the pollution associated to the mining and metallurgical activity and to propose scenarii of protection of the impacted areas.

This workshop is organized in the framework of the IRSES mobility project NIDYFICS between Université Paris Sud, Institut Physique du Globe Paris, Charles University in Prague and Brasilia University.

The workshop will include sessions on metal(loid) dispersion in soils and water, (bio)weathering of mining and smelting wastes, new investigation techniques to study the origin and processes affecting metal(loid) cycling, ecotoxicology and risk assessment, …

Registration is free of charge, but mandatory for lunch organisation (

The workshop will take place at Université Paris Sud, building 338 (Bâtiment des colloques), Orsay, France

Abstract submission is December 1, 2014.

Language : English.

You are required to submit your document (one page) in Word .doc(x) format (or, compatible), which must be less than 2MB. Submission through e-mail attachment Please indicate clearly in your email : submission for an oral or poster presentation and name of the presenting author. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of a journal with impact factor (IF) after a standard reviewing process. Details will be announced later.

PDF - 239.2 ko

Comité d’organisation

- Dr Cécile Quantin (Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France)
- Dr Delphine Vantelon (Synchrotron Soleil,Saint-Aubin, France)
- Dr Yann Sivry (Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France)
- Dr Vojtech Ettler (Charles University in Prague, Czech Rep.)
- Dr Jérémie Garnier (Université de Brasilia, Brasil)
- Dr. Eric van Hullebusch (Université Paris-Est, Marne la Vallée, France)

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