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3rd Planetary Cryosphere Workshop

Main purpose : Ice exists throughout the solar system and its role in the geological evolution of planetary surfaces can be significant. Furthermore, the accurate characterization of glacial processes can provide some critical constraints to the reconstruction of past climates, and to the understanding of surface-interior and/or surface-atmosphere interactions. The investigation of planetary cryospheres encompasses a variety of research fields including geology, geomorphology, glaciology, climatology and spectroscopy. Particular insight can be gained by the comparison between glacial processes occurring on Earth and on different ice rich planets and satellites.

The first and second cryosphere workshops held in Wroclaw, Poland were centered around the theme of comparative planetology, with a particular focus on the martian cryosphere and its terrestrial analogs. With an outlook to current and future space missions, the aims of this 3rd workshop will be : (1) to continue our interdisciplinary projects on terrestrial and martian cryospheres and, (2) to extend this work to the comparison with other ice rich bodies like comets or icy satellites.

The objective of this workshop is thus to initiate interdisciplinary discussion of the different planetary cryospheres in the Solar System and foster collaborations between European researchers working in these different research fields and/or on different types of icy bodies. The workshop will be held over three days and take place in Nantes, France. Oral presentations during the morning and early afternoon will allow participants to summarize their research. The afternoons will be devoted to discussion with the aim to develop joint multidisciplinary research projects.
Antartica (Earth) Antartica (Earth)

North Polar Cap (Mars) North Polar Cap (Mars)

Europa surface (Jupiter’s moon) Europa surface (Jupiter’s moon)
Organisers and contacts : Address :
Marion Massé ( Ifremer Nantes
Antoine Séjourné ( Rue de l’Île d’Yeu
Clémence Herny ( 44311 Nantes - France
Giuseppe Mitri (

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