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Contamination des rivières et sols de la région de Tomks par l’activité domestique, urbaine et industrielle : conséquences sur la dynamique des métaux dans le bassin-versant de la Tom.

  • Thèse en cotutelle.
  • Directeurs : Cécile QUANTIN (IDES) & Leonid RIKHVANOV (Dpt Géochim. & GéoEcologie de Tomsk, Russie).
  • Financement : MAE, Eiffel, Campus France

This study deals with contaminated site left after mining activity. Studied site (waste pond “Sedemžien” and the surrounding area) is situated in Banská Štiavnica in the central Slovakia.
Beginning of my research was dedicated to the microbial activity at the surfaces of the sulphide minerals. Bacteria are affecting oxidation, which causes production of acidity and releasing of metals to the surrounding waters. Surfaces of sulphide minerals were investigated with respect to characteristic morphological changes using electron microprobe analysis. Leaching patterns were identified in different stages of development correlated with bacterial activity. Research was focused on the study of interfacial aspects on the leaching process. Main goal of the research was to compare the capability of two common kinds of bacteria (Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans, Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans) to oxidise various sulphide minerals.
Present research is focused on determination of the contamination of the studied post-mining area. Water, rock and soil samples are studied with respect to their chemical and physical properties. Samples are submitted to analyses, which help us to evaluate contamination of the studied area. During analyses are being obtained information about chemical composition, mineralogical characteristics of the samples and isotopic composition of S (δ34S) and O (δ180). Following research will be dedicated to the decontamination of the area using limestone and phytoremediation method.

Mots clefs:exploitation minière, contamination, minéraux sulfurés, traitement de l’eau