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Communications avec actes : Année 2014

The Large Observatory For x-ray Timing

8 septembre 2014

The Large Observatory For x-ray Timing (LOFT) was studied within ESA M3 Cosmic Vision framework and participated in the final down-selection for a launch slot in 2022-2024. Thanks to the unprecedented combination of effective area and spectral resolution of its main instrument, LOFT will study (...)

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The Large Area Detector of LOFT: the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing

8 septembre 2014

LOFT (Large Observatory for X-ray Timing) is one of the five candidates that were considered by ESA as an M3 mission (with launch in 2022-2024) and has been studied during an extensive assessment phase. It is specifically designed to perform fast X-ray timing and probe the status of the matter (...)

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The SIRIUS Mixed analog-digital ASIC developed for the LOFT LAD and WFM instruments

23 juin 2014

We report on the development and characterization of the low-noise, low power, mixed analog-digital SIRIUS ASICs for both the LAD and WFM X-ray instruments of LOFT. The ASICs we developed are reading out large area silicon drift detectors (SDD). Stringent requirements in terms of noise (ENC of (...)

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Modeling IR spectra of CO2 isotopologues and CH4 trapped In type I clathrate

21 février 2014

To test the hypothesis of atmospheric carbon dioxide or methane storage in metastable clathrate, a theoretical formalism is developed to model and simulate the spectra of the CO2 or CH4 molecule trapped in clathrates. 12-6 Lennard-Jones atom- atom potentials are used to account for short and (...)

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