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Communications avec actes : Année 2012

Relief evolution above Patagonian slab window inferred from low-temperature thermochronology: subduction or climate?

3 avril 2013

The formation and evolution of relief in subduction-related orogens result from a variety of processes acting at different scales of time and space. The interplay between tectonics and erosion (river incision, glacial erosion. . . ) is generally the principal contributor to the relief (...)

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Wisdom GPR measurements in a cold artificial and controlled environment

19 novembre 2012

The WISDOM (500MHz - 3GHz) GPR is one of the instruments that have been selected as part of the Pasteur payload of ESA's 2018 ExoMars Rover mission. One of the main scientific objectives of the mission is to characterize the nature of the shallow sub-surface on Mars and WISDOM has been designed (...)

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Development of a Planetary Web GIS at the ''Photothèque Planétaire'' in Orsay

24 octobre 2012

The "Photothèque Planétaire d'Orsay" belongs to the Regional Planetary Image Facilities (RPIF) network started by NASA in 1984. The original purpose of the RPIF was mainly to provide easy access to data from US space missions throughout the world. The "Photothèque" itself specializes in planetary (...)

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