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Valerie Godard is responsible for a workshop of thin and polished strips for petrochemical, mineralogical and geochemical studies. She is also responsible for the workshop of preparations of samples and separation of mineral phases by liquor of density and magnetic fields.

Its activity includes sawing rocks, to the careful preparation of pure mineral phases and the achievement of thin strips of rocks and minerals. She coordinates and supervises the activities of grinding and advises students and researchers for preparations of mineral phases, for crystallographic, geochemical and geochronological analysis. She also prepares the thin strips of rock (any type) for optical microscopy study. And the polished thin strips for electron microscopy study and microprobe.

For sawing and pre-polishing she uses flat plates (surfaced in the largest precision at the mechanical workshop). To finish polishing she sticks samples on glass slides, and this requires great precision. A thickness of 30 micron sample is glued with a special resin on the glass slide.

The mechanical workshop is led by Claude Lanoë whose mission is to make parts or manipulations to the diverse experiences of the laboratory. He collaborates with all researchers of the laboratory buildings 504 and 509. Its role is to be attentive to the applicant to advise him and to make plans on Solidworks. It will offer one or more solutions. Then it will finalize the project by producing the parts on conventional lathe and milling machine, and also on numerical command machine. He will perform the assembly and development if it is a set.

He mastered both the TIG and MIG welding assembly for ultra high vacuum asked for different dating experiences.

Presentation machines of the mechanical workshop.

  • New Caze Tour HBX 3600 equipped with visualization.

  • Milling machine equipped with visualization.

  • Parts produced on numerical command at the Workshop for the mass spectrometer.

  • Manifold assembly.

  • Litholamellage workshop
    • Machine for polishing thin strips.

    • Finish polishing a strip made by hand.